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But you look younger without makeup!

Are you tired of foundation adding years to your face? Then read on! Becca's backlight priming filter will add that overall healthy and youthful glow to your face that will come through your foundation and will make for some lit selfies 😉

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What to look for in your daily moisturizer?

Find out what the skin barrier is, how you might have damaged it and how you can repair it with the right ingredient in your daily moisturizer.

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Scrubs or Acids?

Let's get comfortable and friendly with chemical exfoliants called AHA's and BHA's. And lets put the apricot scrub down. Why? Find out in this post. Product recommendations and comparisons also included.

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100% Organic: Balanced Guru Face Masques Review

The most remarkable effect is that this mask pushes my stubborn acne to the surface and as I run my hand on my face, a couple of big whiteheads or acne whatever it is on my cheeks comes off. Without any exfoliation whatsoever. This is why I took time out of my very busy day to write this post!!

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Why buy Korean Beauty Products?

After reading this post you might get ittty bitty obsessed with Korean beauty products 😉

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Elemis: Papaya Enzyme Peel and Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask review

Did Elemis products help clear and calm down my acne ridden facial skin? Find out if Elemis is worth it's price tag in this post.

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Connecting Little People with Old people

This article and book review is about how our little kids need to connect more often with the elderly in our societies and communities because both can enrich each other's lives in a magical way.(At the end of the post there are links to two free ebooks you can download and suggested downloadable book activities are also included)

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Why do I give vitamins to my kids?

My kids are doing better health-wise with an added vitamin yummy gummy booster. Read my full review.

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The most comfortable liquid lipsticks I’ve tried yet.

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage but which one feels the best on the precious pout? For me it is The Balm Meet Matte Huges. Read my review here.

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Cool Coconut oil DIY’s

In this post I am talking about my two favorite ways to use coconut oil. 1- As the best eye makeup remover and 2- To make the most delicious homemade coffee scrub. I have all kinds of high end makeup removers, cleansing milks, makeup removing wipes, eye makeup removers and facial cleansers but my jar… Continue reading Cool Coconut oil DIY’s